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Just what exactly happened in the past 4 years? Some fluff and angst and everything in between. Nude women fucking each other. What about the things Ziva had in the Go Bag? Will Ziva break it with him? What if he told her about his past rather than hiding it away? But most of all it had been two years since she had left the love of her life, Tony. Tony's first Father's Day is a lot more than he bargained for.

Striking Distances by sdbubbles reviews The NCIS team receives a shock when they are ordered to London to assist with an eight-month-old missing persons case; the truths they uncover may very well rock them to their cores. Are they letting life pass by without making the most of it?

Aftermath by misspatchesmom reviews On top of everything else in Season 10, Tony and Ziva have something much more personal to deal with on the heels of the death of Ilan Bodnar. Rachul freya nude. Abby makes the connection with Abigail and makes a wild discovery that will change her life!

She truly knows how to get your dick hard as she removes her clothing and invites you to enter her world through her mysterious brown eyes and shaved puffy pussy. And if she knew that, why would she remain in hiding rather than come find her precious daughter?

Honor Code by lkuecrar reviews Inspired by 3x07 "Honor Code"; What if Jenny had gone to make sure Gibbs was okay after the case had been wrapped up? Somewhat McAbby; somewhat Tiva. Bring Them Home by hollytiger reviews Tony's on direct orders from Gibbs to bring home the two most important people in his life before all hell breaks loose.

You can use THIS track in your own videos as long as you add the following info in the description: What happens when Emma and Hook fall through instead and are faced with their former selves. However, once you see her with other hot girls, your cock will get hard without any effort on your part. To The End by LaurenTA reviews In the months that follow the news of Ziva and the discovery of Tali, Tony's search for answers leads him into deeper waters as he adjust to life as a father in Paris.

Will Ziva get caught in the middle? AU after the end of S Death of a Nation by Kspence92 reviews Follow the story of how British society tried to cope with the Rage outbreak. Aylar lie lesbian. McGee and bishop try and figure out who the mysterious caller was only later to find out it was someone they hadnt expected it to be.

Another take on what should've happened in the finale. To the Sea by aka-elsie-snuffin reviews He really should have seen this coming. Love has its own rules by Silent ghost of love reviews What if even among all tragedis our herous can find their happines? Ignite by Foreverx17 reviews What Emma craved was that toe-curling, Earth-shattering, all-consuming passion. Balance by MCmondo reviews There is a fragile balance between work and family. One-shot involving locker room showers

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Los Angeles - Rated: Family First by msziverdavid reviews After Ziva's "death," Tony is determined to find her. White girl jiggly ass. Do You Promise Not to Tell? Well they get their wish Find this Pin and more on Luv outfit by safiaharbi.

I'm trying to make this a tolerable end for Tiva. But will they pass the ultimate test? But anyway, nothing will be lost, and if you do end up finding yourself thoroughly depressed, you can read one of my more cheerful fictions! Honor Code by lkuecrar reviews Inspired by 3x07 "Honor Code"; What if Jenny had gone to make sure Gibbs was okay after the case had been wrapped up?

Inspired by the deleted scene from Hit and Run 10x She needs his help and protection but and just what has happened since he left her on the tarmac in Israel. Abby would say that it is fate that the dead sailor walked into the bookshop and brought a book, not that Abby will ever find out. How do they both react? When she tries to sneak out she finds herself face to face with Tony DiNozzo, who will offer her more than just a smile.

Exhaustion by eleanorca reviews Some missing scenes from the end of season 8, specifically "Pyramid". When she found out by marvelwomen reviews How did Ziva find out she was pregnant?

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Now, he's holding onto a new kind of hope. New relationships, villains, and countries, same old rumor mill. Rated K because it's just emotional fluff. Rachul freya nude. Public lesbian strapon sex. Shipper reviews After the explosion of La Grenouille's car, Jenny goes after Gibbs in a hospital in France and now is the time for them to decide what they want to do about them and about her illness now thar the operation Shepperd is over.

The return of Miss Ziva David by Jonny. S3, after Under Covers, before Boxed In. They wake up years later to a world ruled by robots. Because love has its own rules. Because I want a happy ending for Tony and Ziva I decided to write this to fix it. Can the team find her before it's too late?

He never knew where she was or what she was doing, but he's been holding onto hope that she would come back to him. Top models This months most voted models. Look at the rest of my stories and guess the pairing.

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